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Starting a Career?

Secure Your Financial Future by Filling Your Pockets with Investment Knowledge

From Wes Rutledge — a successfully retired financial consultant and corporate chief executive — comes a new book for young adults and first-time investors looking to figure out their financial future and begin building their plans for building wealth. (It’s also a great read for the parents, mentors, professors and influencers who guide them!)

Whether you’re just arriving there or remember it distinctly from your younger years, we all know the excitement and fear that comes when your career is officially underway, and you’ve begun “adulting” on a full-time basis. The opportunities are endless, but so are the responsibilities. From the get-go, you must now face investing questions. The best investment advice you will ever get is to become more knowledgeable. This book will help.

Written without all the financial mumbo-jumbo and jargon that crawls all over Wall Street, So Dad, How Can I Make Dollars & Sense? shares practical insights and experiences in a way that’s as patient and compassionate as Wes’s actual conversations with his own young-adult children.

The person in charge of taking care of your financial future isn’t your employer and it isn’t the federal government. It’s up to you!

“ … a must-read, mind-shifting book for men and women in their 20s and 30s, beginning to grapple with the complexities of managing the earnings of their careers, being smart about unexpected windfalls (like inheritance) and investing for the future.”

Kate Colbert, Business Owner, Higher Education Consultant and Author
What You'll Learn
For Young Adults and Influences Alik

For Young Adults and Influencers Alike

Each section of this powerful and relatable book by Wes Rutledge ends with a “Dollars & Sense” message for the two intended audiences of the book – for Young Adults who are just beginning the financial planning phase of their lives, and for the Influencers they trust, like parents and grandparents, professors and instructors, mentors and friends.

When you look in the mirror, if you see a 20- or 30-something or a first-time investor, this book is for you! If you see someone with a little grayer hair, who loves, nurtures or teaches young adults, this book is for you too!! Use it to teach and support our next generation.

A Conversation You've Been Waiting For

This book offers a conversational approach to help young adults and first-time investors prepare to sit down with investment professionals the first few times. It should help you understand what you really are trying to do, what to expect and how you might want to operate. The book is presented as a conversation between Wes and his kids (“So Dad …”), and you’re bound to see yourself in the smart questions they ask him throughout. By listening in, so to speak, to this conversation, you’ll learn much.

You’ll learn:

  • How to invest with purpose

  • The secret to finding direction and making a plan

  • To grapple with the emotional side of investing

  • What it means to design and construct wealth

  • How to address our biggest fears — the fears of potentially doing something dumb with your money or getting ripped off

  • To embrace a new-found encouragement and confidence as you head into the human resources (HR) or financial professional’s office.

About Wes
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“If my kids learn what investments are and why they might want to consider them, they’ll have a much better chance of successfully investing money, avoiding some common mistakes and neither feeling like they’re getting ripped off or sold stuff they don’t want or need.


That same advice is true for you.


— Wes Rutledge

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Wes Rutledge

About the Author

Wes Rutledge is a successfully retired financial consultant whose career provided personalized counsel and building relationships based upon trust. He has also served as a corporate chief executive, sat on multiple civic boards, and is a past Chairman of the Kentucky Derby Festival. So Dad, How Can I Make Dollars & Sense? – Wealth-Building Insights for When Adulting Begins in EARNest is his first non-fiction business book.


A portion of the proceeds from So Dad, How Can I Make Dollars & Sense? 

will be donated to the Kentucky Derby Festival Foundation for distribution to institutions — public, private, non-profit, military and other foundations — dedicated to promoting financial education and literacy for young adults.


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