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So Dad, How Can I Make Some Sense Today? – Part 3 of 5 (or so)

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

So Dad, What Do I Do? – Part 3 of 5 (or so)

So Dad, after reading your past two articles, what falling stories do you have for us today? (Hmm…, I thought they were stories of getting up.)

There’s a common adage that “We plan, God laughs”. Well, life today isn’t funny at all – or is it? Two days ago I started writing with the notion of calming down. Yesterday’s focus was on assessing capabilities and hinted that today’s topic might be of formulating a plan and pressing forward. That’s been my training both as a financial professional and a leader. It’s also what I’ll eventually do, but not quite today.

For the past week, I’ve been smashed in between what I think I need to do – and what I’m needed to do. “Wow”, you say “What the heck does that mean?” Let’s back up a little.

A couple weeks ago a strange phenomenon occurred that took me back four years. That phenomenon was leap day – February 29. It was an epic day for us back then. My wife, Terri, and I both found our jobs ending. Neither of us had known it was coming a mere six months before. That wasn’t our plan, and yet there it was. I’m guessing most all of you are thinking that describes the past several days to a tee. This world is nothing that we planned six months ago.

Terri’s department and position were eliminated. After 31 years with her organization, she was headed to the house. On that same day, I left a position as the CEO of a small non-profit organization. I had taken the job to help them but couldn’t be effective the way it turned out. I was frustrated, hurt, angry, sad, disappointed and a good bit lost. (Raise your hand if any of you feel that way today.) That was best for the organization – but not necessarily for me. Or so I thought.

I spent the next several months soul searching. But the search that time was different. It wasn’t for what I wanted to do; it was for what was needed of me. That search lead to writing a book. It wasn’t what I originally planned to do. It just became be a book. And that book led to new relationships with new friends and better relationships with many old friends. And now to writing a few articles.

OK now fast forward to today. Up until a couple days ago, I avoided writing articles because it wasn’t what I thought I wanted to do. As the events of the Coronavirus have unfolded, I’ve been praying on how to make sense of everything – not to know what I need to do, but what is needed of me. And so, this is where I’ve been led – to writing a few articles – funny isn’t it.

And the best part of this is, by focusing on what is needed of me, I approach each day using my strengths and capabilities instead of grappling with my damaged hopes or avoiding certain fears. Focusing on what is needed also reveals many of the blessings of the day and begs that we appreciate all those who want to help others – instead of being lost in our plans.

So today’s insight is to be present in the day and try to do what you are needed to do – whether it’s what you planned to do, wanted to do or otherwise – And enjoy the blessings of the day. They help us stay calm, let our emotions settle a bit and think with a clearer mind and heart.

Stay well – we’ll talk planning tomorrow.

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